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Snap 'n Go Double Car Seat Stroller

Snap n Go Double Car Seat Stroller

We are huge proponents of infant car seats for little ones – especially twins. Snapping a car seat into a base is much easier than trying to gently place an infant in a stationary seat. And it’s much easier to carry two car seats to the rig, instead of two babies. One problem that we ran into, however, was the bulkiness of our stroller. We went with a Graco Duo Glider as both of our infant car seats could be placed on the stroller, but it is definitely a Suburban in the stroller world. I recommend the Duo Glider to anyone that asks, but there were days that something lighter and easier would have been better for me.

Our friends with twins had a car seat carrier that I envied! Snap N Go Infant Car Seat Carriers allow parents to place the car seat on a light carriage frame, instead of a bulky stroller. There are two styles - single carriers and the double carriers for two car seats. Obviously, we prefer the double! There is a basket underneath for diaper bags, or other items. Both Evenflo and Swan have the Snap n Go carriers, which cost around $80. The big plus for me with Snap N Go instead of some of the other car seat carrier designs is that the twins are facing you, not the outside world. At that age your babies would much rather look at you than that big scary out-of-focus world.

Because the Snap N Go must be used with the infant carriers, many twin and multiple families decide not to purchase the limited use item, and opt for a stroller instead, since they can use the stroller for years. If you can afford it, though, I would strongly recommend purchasing one; it is so much lighter and easier to maneuver! The double Snap n Go carrier would make a great baby shower or new baby present for the Mom and Dad expecting twins!