The articles and advice listed here are ones that we found useful in our quest for more information on twins – from pregnancy, to childbirth, development information, and beyond. We’ve included editorials written by ourselves and others as advice from those who have ‘been there’. Since every twin parent experiences days where humor is needed – especially in those first four months – we’ve included trivia facts and twin humor. Since we’re new to the ‘twin game’ we would greatly appreciate the wisdom and insight of experienced twin parents. If you have a minute to write a sentence or two of advice for us ‘newbies’ on anything from toilet training to play dates, to the first day of school, it would be greatly appreciated!

Facts about Fraternal Twins - Interesting facts and trivia regarding fraternal twins.

Facts about Identical Twins - Fun facts to know about identical twins.

Getting Twins (and triplets!) to Sleep - Hints, tips, tricks and things to think about if you're having a hard time getting your toddler and pre-schooled aged twins and triplets to bed at night.

Identical Twins FAQ - A list of the most common questions asked about identical twins and their answers.

Infant Car Seats - why I believe that an infant car seat (instead of a convertible car seat) is a necessity those first few months!

Joining a Twins or Multiples Club - a wealth of knowledge, experience, suggestions, support and friendships with people who know exactly what you are going through!

What I wish someone had told me - things I learned the hard way which might help you with your own twin pregnancy!