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The McCullough Family

Multiple Treasures is a "family of twins" owned business located in Salem, Oregon. As parents of twins, we believe that all multiples and their family members deserve cool t-shirts. The problem was, we couldn’t find unique and fun designs for all of us. What we decided to do was gather our resources and create our own. With just a little pressure from our sons’ grandparents, we have developed unique designs for grandparents, too.

As any family of multiples knows, we can use as much help as possible. Multiple Treasures is truly a community effort. We have been blessed with partners with tremendous artistic skill (thanks Rick!) and our screen-printers are truly wonderful to work with. We would not be a success without the active support of our friends, family and business partners. Most of the credit for Multiple Treasures, however, belongs to our boys. Collin and Evan give us ideas and inspiration for shirt designs every day. Some of our designs are thoughts and statements that only a parent of multiples can understand. We figure that’s okay – we are a pretty elite club, after all. Someday, we hope to have enough designs to capture all the joys, trials, challenges and adventures of being a parent of multiples. In the meantime, we’re taking life one shirt at a time. Make that TWO shirts at a time.

Multiple Treasures also provides resources, hints, tips, and product reviews for multiples and their families. If you would like to submit a product review or article, please contact us. We believe that being the Parents of Multiples is truly a club, and we can all use the help and insight of others that have been there themselves. Your personal experience and thoughts are of great value to others. For instance – can anyone tell me how and when you handled potty-training your twins? If you are seeking advice, a product or just some help in general, and can’t find what you’re looking for here, please contact us, and we’ll try to help.

Our business plan is plain and simple: provide great quality shirts at great prices and do as much good as we can along the way. We donate one dollar of each purchase to charities supporting research of Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrone, and charities that support for families facing TTTS.

Thanks for visiting! Multiple Treasures is growing almost as fast as the boys are. Come back and visit often!

Please e-mail us with comments, suggestions or t-shirt ideas!

Tony, Torey, Collin & Evan